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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paula Pruessner, Woolarina


1. What is your website?

2. Your username?

3. Where are you located?
Silver Spring, MD

4. What do you make?
I dye yarn and fiber, mostly. Occasionally I spin!


5. Do you make fiber/yarn/etc. full-time?
Unfortunately not yet! I'm a rocket scientist (sort of) at my day job.

6. How did you get into making stuff?
I've always made stuff. I studied engineering in college so that I could go to work making stuff. Unfortunately, engineers don't generally work with their hands these days, so I started knitting again. That lead to having extra hats and whatnot to sell at craft fairs, which led to dyeing and spinning! I haven't slowed down since!

7. How long have you been doing this?
I think 5 or 6 years now?

8. Where do you find inspiration?
I wish I could say I was an artist, that I had some knowledge of colors, that I reproduce colors I see in nature. I totally have no idea! All my colors are one-of-a-kind. I just add colors together until I find one that I like, and make variations of that for a bit until I find the next great color! I'm slowly moving on from the neon yellow/orange/lime/hot pink colors that I did for so long, but I'll always love the brights!

9. Any funny stories, words of wisdom, something else to share about you or your business?
My husband now calls everything yarn or fiber-related "woolarinas"... as in: "Could you clean up your woolarinas from the couch?"


Paula was with us in 2008 too. You can read her bio here!

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