Homespun Yarn Party

March 24, 2019 from 12-5pm in the Great Room at Savage Mill!

Sunday, March 18, 2018

11th Annual Thank You Post

Thank you for another great Yarn Party!

We had a really great time today and want to thank everyone who came and participated. We had around 650 visitors this year and appreciated the steady stream of arrivals throughout the day.

Our generous sponsors:

Tier 1 sponsors:
Tier 2 sponsors:

Our talented vendors:
All of our vendors make their own products in some way, whether that means raising the animals, dyeing the fiber, spinning the yarn, or crafting bags, jewelry, woodworking, or buttons by hand in small batches. You can find profiles of each of the vendors  here on the blog.
(double thanks to those of you who also provided a volunteer door prize)

Our wonderful volunteers:
We couldn’t do this without you and truly appreciate all your hard work helping spread the word and ensuring everything comes together on the day of show.
  • belladiddley
  • claireleah
  • cwashing
  • cyb
  • eissak
  • EmpirePhoenix
  • geniap
  • gottoknit
  • hopefultoast
  • imjustlori
  • jennalyn
  • jhankie
  • joneice
  • Kate314
  • KatMacPet
  • kbladow
  • Kiraknits
  • Klevitan17
  • knittyone
  • laramary
  • laurenhaiken
  • Lesfisch
  • LiisaB
  • ljhaynes
  • LuckbeaPanda
  • Miscellaneaarts
  • mizzleahmae
  • mountchic
  • mrgcaster
  • MtownKnitGuy
  • Mypsel
  • p1lambird
  • pef1996
  • pelageyka
  • PhDelicious
  • Qwilter
  • rachels
  • Sandrag08
  • shawnknitter
  • somebunnyslove
  • Su1282
  • supercraftygirl
  • Tanno
  • tcknit
  • textilegeek
  • TheManny
  • tichubabe
  • TipsyTarsier
  • vaacosta
  • Vegetarianwmn
  • woolarina
  • woundtootight
  • xavyor
  • Nicole
  • TaShon
  • Yvonne
Special thanks to our teachers:
  • geniap, TipsyTarsier, laurenhaiken, ljhaynes, and all of our fabulous Roving Teachers
Our selection committee, who have the difficult job of narrowing down the applicants to fit our space.

Everyone who brought FOs for TAPS and Artemis House and yarn for Knitters & Crocheters Care, and everyone who stopped by the charity tables to work a few rows on our scarves and hats.
And everyone who came to shop and socialize and learn and be awesome together!

Please share your photos on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Ravelry! #homespunyarnparty

-Jess, Lindsay, and Corrine

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