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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sponsor Post: The Knitting Boutique Introduces New Yarn Line

The Knitting Boutique, located in Glen Burnie, Md., has combined forces with Sweitzer Mill Farm in Seven Valleys, Pa., to develop a new yarn line exclusive to the Boutique.
A rainbow covers Sweitzer Mill farm.

The new yarn line consists of five different blends of yarn, all named after Maryland Rivers. We’re introducing the Patapsco, Susquehanna, Monocacy, Severn, and Sassafrass yarns across the country
through our website

Sweitzer Mill, owned by Jason and Heather Sweizter, rests among rolling hills on a 132-­acre farm. Heather is excited by the partnership with The Knitting Boutique and combining Maryland’s hospitality and Pennsylvania beauty.

“We make the yarn for each individual customer, but my goal is to not let it leave this mill until it is a yarn that I would like to have for myself,” said Heather. “Our mission is to create high-­quality products. We promise each customer that his or her fiber gets the individual attention it deserves.”
Heather Sweitzer spinning yarn.

The Patapsco is our new Falkland yarn, made entirely of fleece from the Falkland Islands. Located off the southern tip of Argentina, this region is known for its cultivation of exceptionally fine wool.

The Susquehanna is our Organic Polwarth Silk blend of certified organic Polwarth, named for the county in Australia. We’re combining our Organic Polwarth with Silk, to create a perfect blend. Organic means that the fibers have undergone minimal chemical processing resulting in a finer, softer, naturally white yarn that takes dye with vivid boldness.
New baby lambs born on the farm.

The Monocacy is our 100% Merino yarn. With a natural twist and spin, Monocacy is incredibly soft, and durable.

The Severn is our Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) and Silk blend. BFL sheep has luxuriously long, silken, Shirley Temple-­esque locks to go with its blue Roman nose and is known for its threadlike, incredibly light wool. We’ve created a blend of BFL with silk highlights, which creates drape and lightness, making this yarn perfect for multi-­season.

The Sassafrass is our Merino and Bamboo blend. Our Sassafrass combines the durability of Merino fiber with the softness of bamboo. Bamboo fiber adds luster and drape to a yarn, similar to silk, but with the added benefits of being naturally antibiotic while pulling heat and moisture away from the skin. Blending bamboo with Merino wool creates a slinky, shiny yarn that has beautiful stitch definition, lovely drape and is perfect warmer climates.

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