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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vendors for next year's party

We're in the beginning stages of planning for next year's Yarn Party, and the main thing we need to figure out right now is how many vendors are interested in attending. Once we get a better idea, we can start looking for bigger spaces.

Right now we're thinking that the event will be in February, because that puts us about halfway between Stitches East and Sheep and Wool.

So if you are interested in being a vendor, please email me so I can put you on the email list.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sponsor: Frivolous Fibers

Sanguine Gryphon has been kind enough to help us out with a blog about Frivolous Fibers, in St. Michaels, MD!

Frivolous Fibers is in St. Michael's, which is a really charming little Eastern Shore town a lot like Annapolis, only smaller. It's right on the main drag along with all the other cool antique, clothing, and quirky object shops.

The shop itself is split, with the yarn at the back and local art/crafts at the front, so you can drag a non-knitter with you and not worry that they'll be bored. They carry a very nice selection of standard essentials, like Debbie Bliss, Noro, Louisa Harding, Brown Sheep, etc., as well as a huge quantity of Blue Heron handpainted yarns, as Blue Heron is local.

There are also gorgeous crocheted shawls made by one of the owners, a vivacious Latvian woman, and all sorts of interesting patterns and kits. The staff is very lovely and helpful and they offer a variety of classes.

It's particularly a great summer yarn shop, because that's when the tourist season is booming in St. Michael's, making it more fun to look at yarn and then go get an ice cream. A yarn shop visit that's easily disguised as part of a family outing to the Eastern Shore. Here's their site:

Frivolous Fibers
112 N. Talbot Street
St. Michaels, MD 21663

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sponsor: Knit-a-Gogo

We are super excited that some shops and friends in the DC knitting community were willing to help us defray some of our costs! We'll be posting about all of them in the next couple weeks, so stop back again! First up is Knit-a-Gogo!

Hi all!

I am Danielle Romanetti of Knit-a-Gogo. A couple of years ago I launched this funky little knit business to better provide knitting instruction, events and community building in the DC metro area. I love converting busy professionals to the wonderful world of knitting! Recently I have started more knitting related retreats and trips, such as the Exploration of Lace Retreat in March and a Knitting Event on Mother's Day for mothers and daughters who want to learn together or improve their skills.

My beginner and intermediate classes can be found in a variety of places, including coffee shops, community centers and even bars.

But my real specialty is the "knitted party." It is a great way to spice up a bridal or baby shower or even a get together with girlfriends. At a "knitted shower," everyone learns to knit, while creating a small square that will become part of a blanket for the new bride's home or the baby that is on the way. For more advanced folks, a knitted party can focus on a skill such as lace or entrelac or on a project like Harry Potter Scarves, holiday stockings or sexy lingerie.

I hope you will join me one day for an event or knitting class!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Recap; Lost & Found

First I'd like to add my thanks to Woolarina's below - it was a great event and couldn't have happened without the hard work of our organizers, vendors, bakers, and donors. Thanks also to everyone who came out to shop and knit and crochet and spin!

We'll be creating a mailing list to keep everyone informed of future event planning. If you did not provide an email address on a door prize entry but want to be added to the list, please leave us a comment here or contact us on Ravelry. If you want to be added to any of the vendors' mailing lists, please visit their websites listed on the right. (don't worry - we're not going to bombard you with mail, just the occasional update)

Finally, someone left behind a bag of fiber, in the corner by the bake sale & door prize area. If that was you, please get in touch and I'll make sure you get your purchase!

Happy knit/crochet/spin/etc. -ing!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


A gigantic THANKS to everyone who came out! This Yarn Party was a giant success, despite the building letting us in super late and all! I met so many new people and (finally) got to see some really awsome vendors! So glad this happened! I hope everyone was able to brave the crowds at the beginning and see some super goods!

We hope to have a bigger and better Yarn Party in the future -- maybe next February/March, so keep an eye out! :)

We have a flickr group for the event, so upload your pictures!!

Also, we had quite a few local yarn shops supporting us -- we'll be posting their information for everyone pretty soon, so do keep an eye out!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Vendor: Crash Into Ewe

Due to an illness, it looks like Three Irish Girls won't be able to make it. :( We hope she feels better soon!

Crash into Ewe has graciously accepted our super-late invitation to fill in some, and is madly dyeing yarn as we speak! She has some exciting yarns up her sleeve, so be sure to check her out!

Terry Todesco is the creator of hand-painted and hand-dyed yarns for She picked up her first knitting needles at 8 years-old, and the fascination of fiber arts has grown into creating vibrant hand-dyed yarn and rovings that are sold on her Etsy website. Her yarns can also be found in Baltimore at Lovelyarns in Hampden where she is also an instructor.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Payment Options

Generally, it's best and easiest for vendors if you pay cash!
There are quite a few ATM options between Metro and the Party:

ATM at 7-11 (not sure of their affiliation)
Bank of America 2 blocks from the Takoma metro
Suntrst near intersection of Carroll Ave & Laurel Ave
ATM at Takoma metro is Chevy Chase (this might not be there! our local scout didn't see it)

A few vendors may also take personal checks - I know I do! So come prepared!!

A few vendors do take credit cards, so if you do run out of cash, you may still be covered! ;)

Vendor: Three Irish Girls

Three Irish Girls has loads of yarn!

Her approach to the yarn business is different - all orders are custom dyed using a variety of great yarns - different weights of merino, alpaca/merino, blue faced leicester, and merino silk!

Vendor: Amy O'Neill Houck

Amy O'Neill Houck of the Hook and I creates some great crochet patterns!

The fun slippers look so toasty!

These are really tempting me to finally learn how to crochet! :)

Amy has patterns for sale on ravelry and also her website, AOH Designs.

Vendor: Arden Jewelry Designs

Hi, I’m Sara of Arden Jewelry Design. I’m so excited to be a part of the Homespun Yarn Party!

I started Arden Jewelry Design in 2007 after wanting to “bling” out my knitting with some fashionable stitch markers. We specialize in hand made jewelry and stitch markers, made mostly of semi precious gemstones and sterling silver. All of the designs are of my own creation, ranging from sophisticated and chic to the whimsical.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on Sunday, and are thrilled to be a part of this fantastic event.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vendor: Nom Nom Nom

Just to let everyone know, there will be BAKED GOODS! Here are some of the offerings:

cupcakes or coconut macaroons
cookies or quickbread
chocolate cupcakes or caramels
banana bread, no bake cookies
oatmeal carmelitas
tollhouse bars
PB cookies, cranberry oatmeal cookies
vegan choc chip cookies
rice krispie treats

All will be sold in $1 or $2 amounts, and proceeds will go towards the awesomeness that is

Vendor: Loop

Hi everyone! I’m Steph of Loop. My shop is I am so excited about this party and having so many amazing fiber artists all in one room!

So what can you expect from Loop? I specialize in batts for spinners. My batts fall into two categories:

First, I make batts that are smooth and pristine, and are meant to spin like butter. Yummy! When I make these batts, I use lots of alpaca, bamboo, silk, merino top, BFL, and any other soft scrumptious fibers you can think of. Here are some examples of my colorways:

I also make batts that are funky and chunky, for making amazing art yarns. I call these “Spontaneous Spinning Batts” because when you spin these batts you have to relinquish control and let the fiber take over. They are totally an exercise in NOT thinking and being spontaneous. Each Spontaneous Spinning Batt is one-of-a-kind. Here are some examples of what they look like:

I’ll have lots and lots of batts on Sunday so please come on by! Can’t wait to meet everyone!!!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Vendor: Knitspeak (Andrea Price)

We are super excited to have Andrea Berman Price, author of Knitspeak An A-Z Guide to the Language of Knitting Patterns is joining us!

Knitspeak aims to demystify pattern language and to give knitters
the confidence to take on new projects. It is designed for
quick reference and sized to fit in every knitting bag. And it has a ruler on the back!!

Don't be fooled by the cover, this is a serious reference book.

Andrea will sign and sell books. More information can be found at, see Andrea's projects at Ravelry, name: AndreaPrice

Friday, March 21, 2008

Vendor: dragonfly fiber designs

Hey there. I'm Kate of dragonfly fiber designs. When I'm not doing psych evals in the emergency room, working the book fair, coaching soccer, or hanging out with these goof balls

immersed in fiber and dye. Actually, to tell the truth, a little bit of yarn or fiber seems to accompany me everywhere.

I mostly hand-paint yarn and fiber standing right over the dye pot. I love to make batts for spinning and have a basement, ahem, studio, full of fleeces, sari silks, various plant fibers, you name it.

I'm thrilled to walk among our many talented local fiber freaks, I mean geniuses. What a great idea for a party! Trudgie says, Let the Good Times Roll!


See Kate's yarn on etsy too

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vendor: Storm Moon Knits

Hey guys! I'm Lindsay, and last year I started Storm Moon Knits. I had been making custom stitch markers, and I decided to add hand dyed yarn to the mix. I'm pretty much a newcomer, so to be side by side with such fiber superstars is a little overwhelming!

A few colorways

I tend to specialize in bright and bold colorways with crazy names. I spend almost as much time on the names as I do on the color combinations. For instance, the colorway in the upper left there is called "The time I was radioactive" (the story behind that one is actually on my blog). Currently I only have a few yarns available (bulky merino, worsted merino, and fingering weight superwash merino/nylon), but it allows me to dye as many colorways as I can in each weight.


I can't wait to meet everyone! And go a little crazy with the spending--do you think I can pay for yarn with yarn?

Vendor: Spirit Trail Fiberworks

Spirit Trail Fiberworks specializes in unique, high quality yarns and fibers ~ over 20 yarns and 10 spinning fibers of wool, silk, alpaca and other exotic fibers find their way into our dyepots. We select our yarns and fibers based upon fiber quality and tactile enjoyment: Only those we would enjoy using ourselves find their way into our line of yarns and fibers.

All of our yarns and fibers are dyed in small, artisan batches at our studio and home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Each batch of yarn or fiber is a special, custom order. We utilize washfast acid dyes to obtain a vast array of color possibilities, and vinegar as a safe and gentle mordant. Our yarns and fibers are carefully handpainted with soulful attention to detail to ensure beautiful colorwork and uniform color saturation. They are then wrapped and gently steamed in large pots, left to cool to ensure complete dye saturation, and hung to dry naturally outdoors in the sun and gentle breezes of Rappahannock County, Virginia. They are then rinsed several times to remove any residual dye Essential oils of eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender are added to the final rinse to deter pests.

Spirit Trail Fiberworks yarns and fibers are all handpainted as "variegated," "softly variegated" and "semi-solid". Variegated yarns include 3 to 6 complementary colors and are painted so that transitions between colors are subtle and blended rather than rigid and segmented. Softly Variegated yarns are created using only two colors which are significantly blended together for a very subtle exchange of color. Semi-Solids are dyed with one color, but because they are handpainted and not kettle-dyed, subtle color changes and tonal variety are created during the dye process to create depth and shading.

Spirit Trail Fiberworks is owned by Jennifer Heverly, who has a background in art, english literature and commercial real estate. She started her fiber arts company in 2003 as a way to join her avocation with her vocation, and hasn't looked back since.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Vendor: Mama E C*EYE*BER Fiber

Hey there Fiber-philes!
I am Erin, or Mama-E, the woman behind C*EYE*BER Fiber Yarns.
I am really looking forward to this party for many( fiber addicted and compulsive) reasons! the biggest being getting to meet all of you!
C*EYE*BER Fibers is mainly a wholesale company, and that means I don't get to see knitters/crocheters/and spinners love up on the girls as they go to loving homes. This is going to be a great experience for me.

I am also really stoked that there will be so many great vendors from the DC/MD/VA area coming together in one place. It is high time we celebrate our wealth of talent that grows near the Chesapeake! Speaking of developing talent, remember to ask me about the Mobtown Fiber Co-OP schedule of intensive fiber arts classes!

I am bringing along my gnomey, Dawn Doran from Knitting Gnome Stitch Marker fame!

She will be there with her stitch kitsch and effervescent personality. Do stop by and say hey! We have lots of great things planned for ya!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Vendor: Insubordiknit

Howdy Hi! I'm here, knee deep in felted eyeballs and carded batts, tick-tocking the days down until the first (annual, right?) East Coast Homespun Yarn Party Bonanza Hootananny. Yep. I can't wait. I've never been able to hold onto stock long enough to do a craft show but I'm being extra mizerly right now, holding back one hank for every three I spin, making sure that I'll have a healthy load of handspun arty goodness for fiber fiends and friends!

By the time the actual day rolls around, I should have a mangle , a gory gob of Vitreous Humor, and a stack of one-of-a-kind art yarns. But forget about me for a minute, what I'm really excited about is all the other fiber and fiber workers that will flank me on both sides! I get giddy just thinking of the handpainted sock yarn, the kettle dyed worsted, the fiber that's simmered and soaked to perfection.

's gonna be there! Gawd, I love her! She's the coolest! and Loop! I fully expect to look into her eyes and see cold, dead, black pools gazing back, after all, selling her soul is the only way I can figure she could get such fantastic batts! And and and...everyone! I'm excited about everyone!

So for the next 2 odd weeks I'll be here, knee deep in felted eyeballs and carded batts, waiting to party!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Vendor: Sanguine Gryphon

Next up is!

Hi everyone! Looking forward to meeting you all at this fibery shindig! I’m Gryphon, of The Sanguine Gryphon, dyer, spinner, knitter. I’ll bringing heaps and heaps of goodies (no, Kate, I won’t even pretend that I’m going to try to limit myself to a reasonable amount) in the form of handpainted sock yarn,

lace yarn, fantabulous luxury yarn,

and merino and silk rovings,

as well as drop spindles, knitting and crochet patterns,

and who knows what else. In fact, if there’s something specific you’re thinking you want (dyes? a swift? a spinning wheel??)

send me a note and I’ll see what I can do! (gryphon AT sanguinegryphon DOT com)

See you soon!