Homespun Yarn Party

March 18, 2018 from 12-5pm in the Great Room at Savage Mill!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Melissa Yoder Ricks, Wild Hare Fiber Studio LLC


1. What is your website? and email? and

2. Your username?

3. Where are you located?
Front Royal, Virginia (off I-66 about an hour west of DC)

4. What do you make?
I'm a knitter and handspinner who also dyes, crochets, felts, and experiments with fiber. My product line includes handspun and hand-dyed yarns and roving as well as finished knitted and crocheted items, felted soap, handmade knitting needles, fiber-themed badges and magnets. My pattern for the "Arabesque Tote Bag" was published in the Winter 2008 issue of Knitter's magazine. I'm also a distributor for both Nancy's Knit Knacks and Spinolution as well as two local fiber farmers and will have their products at my booth as well.


5. Do you make fiber/yarn/etc. full-time?
Very close to full time, and moving more and more in that direction. I'm also a work-from-home Realtor.

6. How did you get into making stuff?
I was making things as a preschooler, thanks to the very patient and creative great-grandmother who kept me while my mother worked. It's part of me and who I am. I have a BA in Fine Art/Design and also paint, but fiber arts are my first love and abiding passion.

7. How long have you been doing this?
I've been creating things with yarn, needles and fiber since I was three years old. However, my business was officially established in 2008.

8. Where do you find inspiration?
The colors and shapes of nature are most inspirational, though I also have learned a lot about color by studying fine art and painting.

9. Any funny stories, words of wisdom, something else to share about you or your business?
I've always wanted to create, and to make my living pursuing the things I love to do, but it has only been in recent years, after a painful divorce, that I've realized that I CAN follow my dreams, rather than the dreams and expectations that others have for me. I approach my fiber business with great enthusiasm and love, and a desire to share with others the peace and joy that these creative pursuits bring me.


At my booth I plan to be assisted by Debbie White of Forevermore Farm, whose wool rovings I distribute and use in much of my dyeing.

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