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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alpaca Yarn Arts


Alpaca Yarn Arts

Do you have products for knitters/crocheters, spinners, weavers, etc?

Handwarmer Kits: Try working with laceweight yarn with my handwarmer kits-- hand-dyed alpaca yarn in sport or worsted weight with matching laceweight for ruffles, dyed at the same time, for knitters, The laceweight is dyed with the sport weight or worsted weight, so it matches exactly.

Knitting patterns: Another style of handwarmer, and a hat with vertical stripes created by knitting horizontal stripes using three methods in the same hat with earflaps, peruvian style.

Felt: I've had alpaca fleece made into sheets of luscious felt for seamstresses that will make beautiful jackets, vests, slippers, lap-robes and other items, even one piece of llama felt that would be a lovely soft, springy rug to put your feet onto in the morning.

Felted soap: Don't miss my thinly felted soap (the bubbles come right through). The soap is handmade in Maryland, and covered with dyed alpaca fleece raised in Maryland. I also have some unscented soap, felted with undyed alpaca fleece.

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