Homespun Yarn Party

March 18, 2018 from 12-5pm in the Great Room at Savage Mill!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ashton Studio Arts, LLC

1. What is your website?

2. Your Ravelry username?


3. What do you make?
We create hand painted and hand dyed yarns using our own techniques. We use top quality professional dyes and yarns manufactured for our ASA yarns. We have developed extensive dyeing formulas for our reproducible colorways. We use a technical approach to producing our dyes, weighing and measuring our all ingredients to our exacting standards. We plan to expand our product line with fiber for weaving and spinning in the near future and hope to open our studio to the public for sales and classes in the next year.

We are also heavily involved with photography of all types where we find much of our inspiration for our colorways.

4. How did you get into making stuff?
I am an accomplished knitter and crocheter and like to experiment with color. Sometimes, the artist in me just takes over and I have to create a new pattern or colorway. I love to try new things and am an avid reader which helps me modify other’s successful dying techniques. Both my husband and I have formal training in the yarn and fiber dyeing process.

My husband loves to work with his hands and has a very artistic side as well. He creates colorways and dyes yarns, has designed and is building out our studio and assembles much of the process equipment we use in the yarn dyeing process. Photography has been a passion for him for over 40 years.Thus, a family business is born.


5. What is your favorite thing about the local fiber community?
The local fiber community is very friendly and helpful. A few people in our area have helped us expand our horizons by answering questions, offering suggestions and sharing their experiences. It’s almost like an extended family.

6. How does what you do/make influence the rest of your life, and vice versa?
Creating something from an abstract idea or a concept is very exciting and fulfilling. Being fulfilled and content only contributes to the creative cycle. Our greatest joy is seeing our customers create beautiful projects using our yarns. We are working towards becoming an internationally known hand dyed yarn source.

7. Any funny stories, words of wisdom, something else to share about you or your business?
Just go for your dream and follow it wherever it takes you.


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