Homespun Yarn Party

March 18, 2018 from 12-5pm in the Great Room at Savage Mill!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crash into Ewe

1. What is your website?

2. Your Ravelry username?


3. What do you make?
hand-dyed yarn, roving, row counters

4. How did you get into making stuff?
I started as a hobby then took a chance on selling what I had made and it worked.


5. What is your favorite thing about the local fiber community?
The local fiber community is so supportive of one another. I love that about this area.

6. How does what you do/make influence the rest of your life, and vice versa?
Well, it sure keeps the rest of my life much busier!


7. Any funny stories, words of wisdom, something else to share about you or your business?
Make sure you really like doing what you're doing because it really does end up taking alot of time. Also make sure that you not only account for materials, but the time involved when you're setting your prices.

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