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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dragonfly Fibers

1. What is your website?

2. Your Ravelry username?


3. What do you make?
I make hand dyed yarn and spinning fiber

4. How did you get into making stuff?
Making stuff started with sewing, then quilting for me. I realized i was really in love with the fabric, not the sewing, and started knitting because i liked the idea of making the fabric while making the item. Then, of course, I started spinning because I had to make the yarn. And, because I'm all about color, i had to start dyeing the yarn. At this point, i was making a royal mess. My loving husband suggested i start selling all of these things i was making in an effort to get them out of the house. I thought that was a good idea, so I could make even more stuff, and now we have an even bigger mess. Now, my husband is suggesting that i move the business out of the house.


5. What is your favorite thing about the local fiber community?
I love to get together with the local fiber community and spin and knit, and of course, talk about spinning and knitting. Our local fiber community is full of really great people who can make really beautiful things (and sometimes organize really fabulous events:) Thanks HYP committee! Ya'll rock all kinds of ways!

6. How does what you do/make influence the rest of your life, and vice versa?
Being able to create things helps me live more fully as myself. I live a very hectic life, as do we all, and dyeing, and knitting, and spinning, and sometimes sewing and beading bring me back to basics. I like modelling this lifestyle for my kids too; whatever i can do to counter the perception that we have to win, win, win and earn, earn, earn is, in my mind, a good thing:)

7. Any funny stories, words of wisdom, something else to share about you or your business?
My funny story is the flip side of the above. My family, particularly my kids, are very aware of how much time i spend working with fibers and closely monitor the amount of space the business takes up in the house. This fall, I purchased a bunch of new equipment to increase my production and, as I dye yarns out on the deck, have begun to "take over" our outdoor living space. In a fit of frustration, my daughter rushed out there after school one day and painted a white line down the middle of the deck, declaring that my business was not to extend past the line. This command was repeated for the basement, as well. I bet you can imagine just how that is going!


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