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Friday, March 6, 2020

2020: SpaceCadet


SpaceCadet specialises in hand-dyed yarns in wool and wool blends, which we dye by mixing all our colours from primaries by hand. Constantly experimenting, we create rich and complex variegated, semi-solid and one-of-a-kind colourways, and we approach dyeing as an artistic endevour to share our love of colour with others!


Instagram: @spacecadetyarn
Facebook: SpaceCadet Yarn
Ravelry: SpaceCadet Yarn Page
Ravelry Group: SpaceCadet
Twitter: @SpaceCadetYarn


What shops carry your products?

How long have you been in business, and what inspired you to start your business?
We've been in business 10 years (this month!) and I was inspired by a local group of spinners who all enjoyed dyeing on the side... so I tried it, loved it, and then my knit group started buying my yarn, and the rest is history! :D

What's your favorite thing about being a yarnie?
Watching my creative process become part of my customers' creative processes. So wonderful to have that connection!

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